Custom User Profile and Registration/Subscription fields

Hi all,
I've searched a lot on support forums but I was not able to find a clear answer to a simple question.

Is there a way (without using buddypress)
to customize the signup/subscribe form adding some extra fields and templating it a little bit?
and is it possibile to let users manage theese custom fields even on their edit profile page?

would be great, for example, if one could integrate a plugin like Theme my login ( or others like that to work with your awesome Membership

buddypress is really nice, but for a lot of projects is far too complex especially when you have to develop a site that is already online with a lot of registered users

  • DavidM
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    Hi bluantinoo,

    Currently, Membership doesn't provide a vistual interface for including and customizing custom profile or registration fields but it can be done with a bit of coding.

    You can take a look at the Simple Invites plugin at the following location in the Membership folder, for one example of how to provide custom fields:

    Also, the following article covers creation and use of custom profile fields.

    Though ultimately, BuddyPress provides the best way to customize those things, as it's all integrated in the plugin, even making that available via the front-end.


  • Jonathan
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    how can i do it also with Membership subscription form. I'm not afraid of coding, i like it! :grinning:

    Barry has created a number of places for you to hook / filter your own code.
    Take a look at /membership/membershipincludes/includes/membership-includes/subscription.form.php you'll see various actions mentioned as follows:





    Have Fun :wink:

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