Custom User Registration For ProSite?

I originally purchased ProSites (using it on MU) and found the registration process to be perfect, however, I was not happy with how wp-signup.php looked compared to the rest of my site. By using the 'Set Password' and 'Remove Email Verification' plug-ins I was able to bypass wp-register.php altogether, thus leaving me with how wp-signup.php looked. I tried installing membership because it has an awesome looking registration process, but I couldn't get it to automatically create a blog. While users could still create a blog via the dashboard, the process was not as intuitive the default WP registration and I am looking for simplicity for the user. The easier it is to start their own blog, the easier it will be for them to stick around and pay for membership.

I've been searching through the community here as well as Googling this topic numerous times trying to find a way to make wp-signup.php look decent. At best, I tried redirecting wp-signup.php to a copy in my theme folder via .htaccess. From there, I could style it but it seems really 'hacky' to me and I am looking for a much simpler process.

I am in awe at how professional every plug-in looks here at wpmudev but I can't understand why a better looking registration process hasn't been implemented, especially through 'Membership'

Am I missing something!?