Custom User Registration plugin

hEY GUYS wHATS uP ? tHIS IS MY NEW POST ABOUT REGISTRATION PLUGIN . Im just begging WPMU DEV guys to develop a really cool plugin that will help any kind of users from all Social Networks to simply login without registering . Example >>> Login with FaceBook Button . Well just FaceBook is good but how about Twitter , BEBO , MySpace , StumbleupOn , LinkedIn and many others ???!!! Im so tiered looking for crappy Custom User Registration Plugins that dont work the way they should or dont work at all .
This Plugin should be called <<<MultiSocial Login Plugin>>> for SingleSite/Blog and MultiSite/Blog without unwanted options like Ultimate FaceBook plugin . Just simple as that . Im just begging you guys to develop this baby coz all my traffic cant register or login .
Thank you very much WPMU DEV guys . Hope to hear from you soon .