Custom users to control wiki

I'm running the wiki (non-lite) version, and I'd like to use the Members plugin to create a sub group of users who having the ability to edit the wiki pages (and all other users just have read access). I'd like to have that special user group show up in the Wiki Privileges section. Is there a way to do this or an idea of how to accomplish it? Basically want more user control over the wiki.


  • DavidM
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    Hi Stopha,

    I think that could be done with a bit of a workaround.

    Basically, using the Wiki "Users who can edit posts in this site" setting for the Wiki Privileges you could use an existing user role that has the ability to edit posts, like the Editor role, and associate that with a Membership Access Level using Membership's Integrated WP Roles Add-on (from Membership > Add-ons).

    Here's a quick outline of how I think it could be done:
    1. Tick the "Users who can edit posts in this site" option in Wiki Privileges.
    2. Activate Integrated WP Roles at Membership > Add-ons.
    3. Setup a level at Membership > Access Level
    4. Select the "Editor" user role for that access level.

    As long as other users don't have that post editing capability (they're not Editors themselves), I imagine that should work well.

    Perhaps you could give that a go?


  • Maryann
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    ok, this is not the same Members plugin as the one I'm using. The one I'm using is simply for Role Management for wordpress. I don't want to install the wpmu Membership plugin - I'm running enough plugins as it is, and I don't need the functionality of Membership.

    that is the site of the plugin I'm using.

    I want to make a group that can only edit the Wiki, and not other posts or pages on the site. Your response does give me some ideas, though, so I'll let you know what I can come up with.

  • Mason
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    Hiya stopha,

    I don't believe the members plugin works with our wiki plugin. I'm gonna modify this thread and put it as a feature request for the wiki plugin. We may be able to build this into the plugin or look at integration with the members plugin.

    As always, development is decided based on member interest. Anyone else looking for this?


  • S H Mohanjith
    • Developer

    If you give any role edit_wiki, edit_wikis, read_wiki, read_wikis, publish_wiki, publish_wikis, delete_wiki, delete_wiki capabilities and don't allow all users to edit wiki then only that role will be able to edit and manage wikis. I believe the capability names are self explanatory.

    If you membership plugin doesn't allow you to add and remove capabilities please give Capability Manager plugin from Thanks.

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