Custom wp-signup.php page such as on Edublogs.

Hi guys,

I would like to create a custom sign-up page for WP(3) multisite such as on :

Unfortunately the wp-signup.php in the root of my wordpress site does not pick up my custom template. Is it possible to just create a new page in wordpress and embed the specific code for the sign-up form in HTML?

I did not find a plug-in for this in your excellent archive - and nothing specific in the forum search either.

I would very much appreciate further instructions.

Thank you very much!

  • drmike
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    On iPhone. Give link to page where no template not picked up. Should pick up. Also check webserver's error logs for errors since template should be picked up. Good habit top get into on all forums.

    Add wp-signup.php as tag to this thread. I can't do since theme not iPhone compat. We have discussed edublogs signup before. Sorry you didn't find. Should be tagged though.

  • Sharif
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    Thanks a lot for the quick responses. The mentioned post is useful - but describes how to "theme" the wp-register.php rather than add the form to a (standard) WP3 page through the admin. Any ideas on how to manage this?

    Thanks again!

  • Mason
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    I don't believe it's possible to simply add the signup form to a page through the admin - this is a current limitation in WordPress. You're best bet is to create a custom template for wp-signup.php using the guide I lined to above. The end result will be that the Sign Up form will match the default pages of your site seamlessly.

  • Gabe
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    If you're using the Anti-Slog plugin (highly recommended) it allows you to use a custom signup page.

    To use this feature just copy wp-signup.php, rename it to 'custom-wpsignup.php' and add it to your wp-content folder. Now you can customize your signup page your heart's content.

    it show up but shows up on a page with the slider and front page content of the theme and it also seems to break the footer area

    If you're having this issue, the easiest way I've found to build a high converting signup page (i.e. minimal distractions) where various template issues/features won't 'bleed' through is to wrap your new signup page in a landing page template. The details will vary from theme to theme and framework to framework, but it's not too difficult with some tinkering. Hope this helps.

  • Dwi Yoga
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    Hi there

    i follow Gabe's suggestion, by activating anti-splog and copy+rename wp-signup.php file,

    but i am still don't understand what you mean "Now you can customize your signup page your heart's content."

    can anybody explain in detail or give an example?

    i thinks it will be very helpfull for wpmu users

  • time4novelty
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    I would also appreciate some help with this issue. How to make the registration page as a one step form, without button "next".

    Another similar issue about customizing signup page. I'm using headway theme and my registration page has no header, footer and my theme style, only inherits a background. Has someone similar problem with Headway theme?


  • time4novelty
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi @HitchB,

    you can customize your signup and activate page, just copy 2 files: wp-signup.php and wp-activate.php from wordpress root directory and put in your theme directory, so the wp update doesn't override your later changes.

    Remember to add "RewriteRule" to your .htacces file and your new signup and activate page, so your Wordpress installation will find the right files. Tutorial "how to do it" you can find here

    After you're finished with rewrite rules you can start to customize your wp-signup.php and wp-activate.php file in your theme directory. If something goes wrong, you have always your original files in wp root.

    I hope this will help.

    • Alley Oop
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      Hi @time4novelty,

      The link you provided in this thread does not lead me to a tutorial. Could you please check it or see if you have another source for it ?
      Also, if you have in the meantime found any other info related to customizing the registration page and want to share it, you'd make me a happy man :wink:

      Thanks in advance,

      Alley Oop

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