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I am trying to create a digital download store, once someone has bought a digital download how do they log in to re download etc…

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @mark

    MarketPress creates an Order Status page that any logged in user can access to view their previous orders. It is located at

    Things are organized on that page chronologically, and the user can search by order ID.

    A link to their specific order is also included in the confirmation email they receive.

  • Mark
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Ok, that sort of helps, but raises other questions..

    1) If a customer wants to change his ‘account’ email, how do they do this? (i.e. is there an account creation screen like most other ecom packages)

    2) If the track the order screen is effectively the accounts page, is there an easy way to customise what’s shown (i.e. can I create a custom template like normal WP and if so what does is need to be called and is there a default one I can copy)

    3) With the store Im trying to create is a Digital Amazon Market Place clone (multi vendor, single checkout), how do I specify a global ‘shopping cart’ and ‘checkout’ permalink to appear in the nav (i.e. do the vendor store reference the base shopping cart etc..)

    4) We are looking to have people create accounts before they buy, I’m unclear if someone registers via a vendor store if there login details would be available globally… (need this for the marketplace functionality.)

    If you can give me an honest view on how possible this is to be able to achieve, and if its going to be a lot of custom work any suggestions as to solutions (i,e. realistically are we getting into magento terrain…:wink:

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