Customer fill in field for different product options

We're setting up an event where we have different meal options for sale. I'm using Marketpress to set up the different meal options and inserting them into my event using shortcode.

We have an individual ticket which I've added variation options for the meals and a table of 8 ticket that save's $40 - but am unsure how to add the meal options to this one - as it's for multiple people.

Is it possible to add a field next to each product so a customer can add their name/s next to each meal they are buying - so we know who is eating what? I'm unsure how to set this up if someone buys more then 1 ticket and needs to add multiple people next to multiple options.

So, to summarize - I want customers food options and names next to who is eating what - for individual ticket options and a table of eight option. Any ideas?