Customer Service Issues

Let me start this post out by saying I love WPMUDev for a few reasons. One being some awesome plugins that I know will work and if they don’t they get fixed. So please know this is NOT an angry customer rant or someone who “will never use you guys again”. I will be around for awhile!

However, with that said I do get a bit depressed by the level of customer service received on the public forums here. Don’t get me wrong there are some great support reps here as well such as the rock star Timothy!

But then there are times when I see responses to paying customers that leave me shocked and appalled. Maybe I have been doing customer service for so long that I am used to bending over backwards for customers.

But honestly, there should never be a time where a customer is called out in a public forum for being wrong or unhelpful etc. Every company should strive to be like Zappos when it comes to takin care of customers. Customer should always be right even when they really aren’t.

Trust me, I do know that there are times you just want to ring a customer’s neck but this should never be communicated to them directly. All responses should be courteous and even apologetic even when you are NOT in the wrong.

I am only saying all this because I really do want this community to succeed and grow. I truly feel in my heart that the only way that will happen is freaking awesome rockstar type customer service! Don’t get defensive when a customer writes in the forums and says “your plugin sucks” or “it is broke”

Simply apologize your butt off and tell them you will do everything in your power to make it work for them. Again, sometimes the customer is wrong but this doesn’t need to be specifically addressed especially not in the manner it is done on this forum currently.

I really really do appreciate Wpmudev and want to be a long time customer because some of the plugins are just awesome and the other paying customers here tend to be super helpful as well. And again some staff members here like Timothy make this place more friendly.

But I just hope that my message is received in good spirits and that somehow the Customer Service level of the forums rises so that everyone can enjoy the community here at WPMUdev. Thanks for listening :slight_smile: