Customer subsites using Network Admin email address


I have a multisite wordpress network setup, and am using prosites.

My problem is when a customer of a sub-site registers on the sub-site, they get a registration email that comes from the main network site, and that email uses the Network Title and Network Admin Email from the Network Settings as the From and From address. The registration email should come from the sub-site.

So for example, my network is, with a Network Title of "MyNetwork" and a Network Admin Email of "".
I have a customer at, with "MyCustomer" and "" setup in General Settings of their site.
A user registers on
The registration email from title and address are "MyNetwork" and "", not "MyCustomer" and "".

I have tried numerous plugins to override the from address details (eg from but none work.

Any pointers on how I can resolve this?

Thank you