Customisation doesn't work on Magazine, Social, Nelo, Triden & Dixi premium themes

Hi, I have been unsuccessfully trying to use the design customisation features on the premium themes. I first tried with Dixi/Nelo/Triden on one WPMU fresh install (WPMU only). A week later I had the full WPMU/BuddyPress installed and tried BP-Social and BP-Magazine with no more success.

- I am using WPMU, BuddyPress 1.1.3 and bbPress 1.0.2
- Fresh install from last week - no content yet
- checked that above themes are in wp-content/themes (no sub/sub folders, no bb-themes etc)
- tested on both main blog and sub-blog
- checked that page source indicates link to theme-options.php <link rel="stylesheet" target="_blank" href="
- disabled all plugins

More details on the issue:
- On the Nelo/Triden/Dixi themes I could change the pictures/texts from the CMS, only the design (fonts/colors) didn't work.
- On BP Social/Magazine though, none of the CMS features work (slideshow on Magazine, even if saved as 'enabled', doesn't work; video embedding on Social doesn't work); worse even, depending on what I attempt to change, the site comes up as a skeleton (header/footer only, no body content).
- I never get any error msg and can always 'save' changes - the saved changes just don't show

I am keen to find a resolution as even if I could hard code the design changes for my main blog, I cannot do that for my blog users who need to be able to use the design custom with no intervention from me on their sub blogs.

Thanks in advance for your help. The site is live at

(PS I am following similar threads but none of the offered resolutions seemed to work for me)