Customising AJAX Behaviour for Appointments+


I'm looking at implementing the AJAX version of an Appointments+ booking form, and was wondering if there were ways of customising two behaviours.
1. Keeping all fields on screen (service, service provider and schedule) at the same time, rather than removing each one from the dom once each selection is made.
2. Having a non-linear path to updating the schedule (i.e. being able to change both the service or service provider and have the schedule update to whatever the new combination of both is.

Also, is [app_pagination] supposed to work with the AJAX [app_combo] shortcode? It doesn't seem to appear when I use it (but appears if I build a form without [app_combo]).


  • Ash

    Hello @Nic

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    app_combo shortcode is still in beta mode, and our developer will be working to improve the feature. Unfortunately, neither of these are not possible out of the box.

    I have just talked to the developer, #2 won't be possible in current scenario. But for the others, I am happy to mark it as a feature request. Let's see what other members think about it.


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