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Pro-sites checkout page lists the levels and prices but there (appears) to be no way of adding a short description of the features of each level.

Is there an easy way / standard way of customising? Have I missed an option somewhere? It seems a bit much to present people option at checkout would some form of product description or a link back to a product description.

Of course I could modify the checkout code, or use javascript to add some element to the page, but would like your thoughts before commencing any hacking.

  • ThePath
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    Hi Roibot,

    I dont think its massively easy to edit the subscriptions page. You can edit and add a description to the checkout page in the main settings page for Prosites.

    I agree that this is an area where Prosites is a bit weak. There should be a templatable bit for this.

    I will be looking into this page very soon too for a site Im doing so will keep this thread in mind if I find anything.

    Perhaps others with more experience of Prosites can shed more light?


  • Fullworks
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    Thanks for those links, I saw in one that Aaron had put hooks in, so to do what I want to do is fairly simply by adding a filter to my functions.php


    $my_description['1']="<span class='myclass'>pro site level 1 desc</span>";
    $my_description['2']="<span class='myclass'>pro site level 2 desc</span>";
    /* or however you want to store-retrieve the additional descriptions */
    function my_checkout($data,$level,$blogid) {
    global $my_description;
    $output = $data;
    $output .= $my_description[$level];
    return $output;

  • in-mn
    • The Crimson Coder

    So that hook would allow custom description html output outisde of the current plan name description? Are you planning on going nuts, or just highlighting features

    Gold Plan

    (Free Chicken, Steak knives, and potato salad)

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    At the moment, I have just add 3 lines of info, e.g. “Ideal for xxx that wantss yyyy”, “All the features of level 1 plus more…” sort of thing. And for me that is enough for now.

    Of course, it would be easy to add html links to more detailed information/sales pages created specifically for each level,or slightly more complicated but still possible with html and a touch of jQuery, creating hoverable pop-up information boxes.

    I am am not going as afar as reading the pro-sites level information for plugins and themes and disc space at each level, but all the data is there, so again that would be possible.

  • in-mn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Still nice to have the hook. Love when they do that, vs refer you to custom code job boards.

    I am still leaning towards just styling the TR/TD to be more intelligent, and perhaps to match the content on the page above, with the checkout options to the right.

    Descriptions could then be handled by css above the pricing. Just so many damn projects :slight_smile:

  • Fullworks
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    @in-mn can’t quite picture what you are going for, are you thinking about vertical columns per level instead of horizontal?

    That would work and look quite neat (assuming you don’t have too many levels – I suspect most people would have between 2 and 4 anyway).

    I haven’t looked at that concept in detail, it could be tricky, and may require custom coding rather that just css.

    But like you, too many other things to do, before worrying about that.

  • in-mn
    • The Crimson Coder

    ROI i took a vacation to bug testing some of these paid plugins :wink:

    Yeah i had thought of just modifying the checkout page. I use stripe, and hated the layout with the wee little credit card form at bottom, so i wound up just doing annyal pricing, hiding some of the headings, and such, and Float left, float right. nothing fancy.

    The stripe gateway is buggy so your custom page content does not appear come checkout. It is there on the “select a site to modify” screen, but not on checkout. So tooltips and discriptions appear to only be able to be added via hooks. I may do that, However, I kind of just want to pay Vlad and change the checkout page entirely. Downside to this type of setup is it upgrades a blog, but if I convince someone to buy something, i would rather take the money first, upgrade them later. So theres of course an inherit flaw to this type of setup.

    However, i like the reporting and automatic upgrade/downgrade via the checkout page.

    I wonder if a custom form could work as long as the Plan matches the Pro Sites plan number value, and we pass the blogid correctly to stripe / paypal, so the IPN and Webhook for stripe returns the values needed to that page to upgrade an account.

    I would much rather customize a custom form, add feature pricing as needed, setup fees, etc, provision accounts on checkout, etc, then just have the IPN/Webhook mark the newly provisioned blog to the appropriate prosites level.

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