Customization of my Theme to work with Directory Plugin

I was wondering if you could guide me through the process of setting up my template to work with the Wordpress Directory plugin. I have tried the Custompress plugin with my template but it just doesn't seem to give me exactly what i want to achieve.
I have taken the time also to search thoroughly through your very elaborate and detailed support forum to realize that even though the directory plugin was designed for the specific default theme, it is possible to customize my template to work with it (please see link and pasted text from another member below):

"I'm running the latest WP/BP platform, but do not allow my members to have their own blogs, using BP only for the member social things, like activities, forums, etc. Can I install this as a plugin so it works as part of the BP installation as there is only one blog, the main domain? Thanks, Rolando
Great, would it work on a Buddypress sub site too? Not seeing it listed a Buddypress compatible.
Yeah I could do this as being just a part of my current BP website.
Is that possible? It can't be my entire site but I would like to have it as on a single install.
Yes, you can integrate it with your BP install just fine. Since you'll be using different theme from the supplied default one, you will need to copy some of the functions which output the taxonomy terms, in your theme functions.php. Then you'll need to call them on a a dedicated page on your setup ( you can create a page template and call them from that template ) . The functions are located in "/themes/default/includes/functions/theme-functions.php" namely - "dp_list_categories()". If you need further instructions open a dedicated support thread for that. I will make sure to guide you through the process."

I would appreciate if you could guide me through this process as suggested above as it would help meet tight timelines for two websites i am currently designing for various Clients.
At the moment, i have had to set up another wordpress installation in a sub directory and link to it to display what i want.
I do however commend you on the excellence of your website and the different plugins. I intend to also make use of your membership plugins and e-commerce plugins as well.
Thanks for your timely and helpful response.
**I am making use of the Magnificent Theme from Elegant Themes for one of the websites.

  • Philip John
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    Having not played around extensively with the Directory themes yet I'm not 100% on it myself, so I'm going to ask the other guys to help me out here.

    However, if you look inside the plugin folders you'll see a bunch of files in /directory/dp-themes/dp-default

    These are the default theme files and if you are familiar with WordPress themes you'll easily spot the Directory-specific theme functions which you can incorporate into your own theme (tip: they all start with dp-).


  • davidluizh
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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    The Wordpress directory plugin i downloaded has only one theme in it called default (without dp). Also, i have taken a look at the files within the default theme and they don't have the "dp-" as per the tip you gave so its a little difficult to determine which ones are directory specific.

    I I can see a file called taxonomy and template-blognews, which i assume to also be directory specific but would need a comprehensive list of all the files to copy and how to call them in my theme.

    I could also appreciate the help of your other developers on this please.

    Thanks again

  • Mason
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    To create a child theme for the Directory plugin you should do the following:

    1. Copy the 'default' folder inside of plugins/directory/themes to wp-content/themes
    2. Rename the folder to something like 'directory-child'
    3. Open style.css inside your new directory and rename the theme to something like "Directory Child Theme"
    4. Activate your new child theme on the site you want to run directory (make sure the plugin is activated as well)
    5. Edit the theme to your content :slight_smile:
    *or you could copy the functions from the theme into your own theme. Depends on how much of the styling you want to keep from the default theme vs. your own theme and how comfortable you are with re-working the code.

    Hope this helps! Thanks!

  • davidluizh
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    I would just like to clarify some things. I have been reading up on the creation of child themes and was wondering if it would be a good idea to replace my present theme's style.css file with that of the default theme as that would completely change the layout of my website.

    I was wondering if it would be a better idea to include into my child theme's style.css file (which will be my Theme's original file), the functions that are called in the style sheet of the default theme and also include the actual files that are called.

    Could you let me know which files would be most needed from the default template and what functions i would need to call them. I have been able to identify the home-row and home-grid .css files as part of what i will need. I mostly need to list my directory on a page i can specify and have the option for my registered members to create listings.

    Thanks again.

  • johnetec
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    I want to weigh in here and add that I could also really use some direction on integrating some of the default styling options into the theme I'm already using.

    Similarly to davidluizh, The entire design of my site is built into the custom CSS and PHP files I'm using with another theme and all of that stuff is set. I just want to add the directory styling into the content area of my site. I use Thesis for all WordPress builds.

    I second the request for direction on manually including the necessary files and code to accomplish this goal.


  • Mason
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    Hiya folks,

    There's not really a "right" way to do this. It's more dependent on your particular situation.

    If the directory theme's default structure on the homepage and other page templates suit your needs, but you want to add colors and branding to match your current theme, then simply and the new colors and styles to the directory child's style.css

    If you want to simply include the directory theme functionality in your current theme. Just grab the components you need from the directory theme. This would create a highly-customized look, but is also a fair amount of work. You'll find the basics of what you need in directory/themes/default/home.php and directory/themes/default/includes/functions/theme-functions.php

    All the information you'll need is there. Give it a shot. If you run into trouble, you may want to consider hiring a developer to do the work. You can write up a quote and get member responses right here:

  • ginnydeering
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    I really feel bamboozled. I spent quite a bit of money, relatively speaking, and far more of my expensive time trying to make Directory work in my existing custom theme. For that amount of money, Directory plugin does not work as advertised:

    Welcome to the best plugin for transforming your WordPress install from a blogging platform into a powerful online directory with loads of features and built in payment gateways.
    Perfects for situations where you want to create your own "Yellow Pages like" online directory of services, products or websites.
    Just drop in this plugin, activate it, set up your Directory and presto -- you're ready to create listings.

    I would really like my money back, as I cannot trust WPMU to follow through on its promises, and many of them sound so tempting. Please, someone at WPMU, create a decent instruction page WITHOUT a lot of different links to posts (that's lazy!). We are your paying customers.

  • DavidM
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    Hi ginnydeering,

    Very sorry you've had an unpleasant experience using Directory as such. In case you're not already aware, there's some serious work in progress with Directory, to make it more user friendly and easier to setup, make it easier to work with existing themes.

    Currently you can see the fruits of that labor in the beta version available here:

    If there's something specific you'd like to see from the instructions or if you'd like some specific questions answered surrounding either version, please just let us know and we'll see how we can assist.


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