Customization of my Theme to work with Directory Plugin


I was wondering if you could guide me through the process of setting up my template to work with the WordPress Directory plugin. I have tried the Custompress plugin with my template but it just doesn’t seem to give me exactly what i want to achieve.

I have taken the time also to search thoroughly through your very elaborate and detailed support forum to realize that even though the directory plugin was designed for the specific default theme, it is possible to customize my template to work with it (please see link and pasted text from another member below):

“I’m running the latest WP/BP platform, but do not allow my members to have their own blogs, using BP only for the member social things, like activities, forums, etc. Can I install this as a plugin so it works as part of the BP installation as there is only one blog, the main domain? Thanks, Rolando

Great, would it work on a Buddypress sub site too? Not seeing it listed a Buddypress compatible.

Yeah I could do this as being just a part of my current BP website.

Is that possible? It can’t be my entire site but I would like to have it as on a single install.

Yes, you can integrate it with your BP install just fine. Since you’ll be using different theme from the supplied default one, you will need to copy some of the functions which output the taxonomy terms, in your theme functions.php. Then you’ll need to call them on a a dedicated page on your setup ( you can create a page template and call them from that template ) . The functions are located in “/themes/default/includes/functions/theme-functions.php” namely – “dp_list_categories()”. If you need further instructions open a dedicated support thread for that. I will make sure to guide you through the process.”

I would appreciate if you could guide me through this process as suggested above as it would help meet tight timelines for two websites i am currently designing for various Clients.

At the moment, i have had to set up another wordpress installation in a sub directory and link to it to display what i want.

I do however commend you on the excellence of your website and the different plugins. I intend to also make use of your membership plugins and e-commerce plugins as well.

Thanks for your timely and helpful response.

**I am making use of the Magnificent Theme from Elegant Themes for one of the websites.