Customization of the Theme

Hello All

First off, thanks so much for a great community!

I am trying to find a theme that will fit our needs, but since we are still developing our solution, I am unable to ask specifics. Thus trying the different themes and doing my best to find one that will fit.

Currently I am trying to get the Edublogs clean theme to do what we want as we develop.

So here are a few questions:

How do I make the Edublogs Forum theme work with the Edublogs Clean theme? According to the Edublogs forum page this is possible, but I have been unable to make this work. I followed this page:

But have been uable to make the two work together.

Second question:

How do I remove the "Services" boxes from the fron page? I do not want six, I only want four...

Third Question:

How do I change the position of the sign-in box? Is this possible? I want to move it up a little...

Thats it for now :slight_smile:

Thanks again!