Customize Post for Single Fundraisers

Ok, so I’ve dug around a bit into the php files, and I believe that each fundraiser displays its content using the single-post.php template in my theme.

Since I do not want comments or the “Go Back” link on a fundraiser page (because it’s not a blog post), I have tried to customize my own wdf_funder.php file in my theme folder. I tried copying everything from the single-post.php file, but when I do that, the heart of the fundraiser – where the user can enter the donation amount and specify its recurrence – no longer appears.

Can you tell me which file in the plugin displays this information? I would have thought it would be in “the_content()” but it doesn’t seem to be.

Thanks for your help!

Mindy :slight_smile:

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    @mindy, I feel your pain. The instructions found in the plugin and in this forum lack the information that is required to get this to work properly.

    Here is how you do it.

    In your wdf_funder.php file, which you copied over from your single.php find the are where you want your fundraiser information to be.

    In the area where you want the fundraiser and text to appear, paste the following two lines.

    <?php wdf_fundraiser_page(); ?>
    <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); the_content(); endwhile; ?>

    That’s it. Basically, you have to make sure you have the WordPress loop in addition to the wdf_fundraiser_page() function. The fundraiser panel and all the text from your fundraiser post will appear.

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    Also if you want to have a customized checkout and confirmation page, just copy the wdf_funder.php file and make a wdf_checkout.php and wdf_confirm.php files. The only change in these files is to delete the line that says:

    <?php wdf_fundraiser_page(); ?>

    Leave the post loop and everything will appear just fine.

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