Customize pro sites pricing, signup and profile page (again...)


I need some help. Been searching the forums here, and google, but cant find clear info :disappointed:

So we are using pro sites on our page, and need to customize the pricing, checkout etc... And reading trough the forums here, i have figured out that i need to edit css etc, and that no problem, but i cant get my head around where the files i need to edit are :stuck_out_tongue: Seems like they are all over, and the threads here are almost a couple of years old.

So is there a guide...? Some updated info that i might have missed...?

Its really frustrating that with a system this good, it is no clear info on how to change / customize the user pages (pricing, checkout, profile info etc).

Are there any plugins i can use to customize...?
Are there any (updated) guides i can read...?

Any tips on how to get started with the customisation is very welcome :slight_smile: