Customize Reports Recipients Subscription Email.

We know Reports add a new feature “Recipients must confirm their subscription to begin receiving emails.”

I want to customize the email it sends. The branding is one thing that concerns me – many of my clients would not understand what this is if it doesn’t look like it came from us.

So the two main things for me then would some kind of customization, even if only limited – having a logo or business name at the top (this would help reassure clients it’s not spam), and then secondly some better way of knowing if they never confirm because they don’t get the email or don’t trust it and don’t say anything.

If there was an email notification to me after a period where they didn’t accept that would be helpful, or even just a master list on the wpmudev dash that showed a list of sites with subscribed emails and their status.

Please check on above, your thoughts feedback or solutions on this.

  • Prathamesh Palve
    • Staff

    Heya Julian,

    Thank you for chiming in and helping us with some really good features and improvement requests.

    I have gone forward and passed this to the management and they are working on exploring the possibilities as of now. I am also following up with them and will keep you posted of the update regarding this.

    Also, we are currently working on finding a possible solution to completely white label the emails so the serves the white label concern.

    If you have any doubts or need any help further, feel free to reply in the thread here.



  • Nathan Lyle
    • Flash Drive

    I wanted to emphasize another problem with this change – it opens up the opportunity for phishing. I’ve been seeing an increase lately in the “quality” of misleading spam that attempts to get recipients to click on what appear to be valid emails but that aren’t. This notification would be simple to spoof. I very often tell clients to never click anything in an email that they aren’t absolutely sure they’d been expecting, but since they aren’t themselves setting up this report, they wouldn’t know that this is safe. It feels like an unnecessary confirmation, given that they are being set up individually by someone like myself. And since the client has signed up for the maintenance service that this report is included in, they’ve already given their permission to receive it.

    • Nathan Lyle
      • Flash Drive

      With a bunch of sites though this could run into problems with DNS configurations making some not get through. I personally like having the notifications being sent from a single central source (if it can be white labeled) as opposed to from the website itself.

      • David
        • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

        I currently send all reports to my self and then I resend to the customer so it comes from my email. Problem is that customers don’t know a domain from WPMUDEV and there is also the file in it so they ignore it or just delete. If the report would come from their domain that would not be a problem. Plugin WPMUDEV dashboard could probably be synced with this information and send from the main domain.

        Kind regards


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