Customize Reports Recipients Subscription Email.

We know Reports add a new feature “Recipients must confirm their subscription to begin receiving emails.”

I want to customize the email it sends. The branding is one thing that concerns me – many of my clients would not understand what this is if it doesn’t look like it came from us.

So the two main things for me then would some kind of customization, even if only limited – having a logo or business name at the top (this would help reassure clients it’s not spam), and then secondly some better way of knowing if they never confirm because they don’t get the email or don’t trust it and don’t say anything.

If there was an email notification to me after a period where they didn’t accept that would be helpful, or even just a master list on the wpmudev dash that showed a list of sites with subscribed emails and their status.

Please check on above, your thoughts feedback or solutions on this.