Customize the Account page?

Hi there,
I'm wondering if there is an add-on that allows me to customize the Account page? Otherwise, can this be done cleanly via programming?

Our membership is free, so I'd like to remove the Invoice section as well as remove the Membership "Change" button (memberships are assigned by the admin).

I really only want to keep Membership and Personal Details.


  • Majid

    Hey Laura,

    The customization you wanting can be done via [ms-membership-account] shortcode, you can find it under Membership 2 > Settings > General > Membership 2 Pages, you will see 3 pages one of them is the account page.

    Click edit and change the shortcode there from :


    [ms-membership-account show_invoices="false" show_membership_change="false" show_activity="false"]

    so basically this will hide the invoices, membership change and activities section.
    you can enable the activities section if you want to, by removing the last argument and the shortcode will look like this

    [ms-membership-account show_invoices="false" show_membership_change="false"].

    for more information about this shortcode and it's arguments, please take a look at
    Membership 2 > Help > Shortcodes, you will find it under Less Common Shortcodes.

    And if you’re unsure how to do that or this doesn’t work can you grant temporary support access via our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin so I can take a look, you’ll find more information on how to grant access here


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