customize the menu of magazine theme

The Magazine theme says that it doesn't support custom menus but I want to customize the menu. I have two issues with the automatically generated menu: I want to add a link to an outside url and I want to add posts without having them show up in the menu.
Basically, the only way I can see to add pictures to the main page slide show is to create posts but I don't want the posts to show up in the menu. Also, the site is a sub site of a multi-site installation and I want to add a link back to the home site on the main menu. Please advise as to how I can do these two things to my menu.

  • Vaughan


    you would need to edit the theme code for that. so you will need to create a child theme first.

    luckily the magazine theme has a child-theme included.

    so first you will need to copy the child theme


    to your themes folder.

    so you then have


    then goto your themes and activate the bp-child-theme

    then you'll need to copy the header.php from the parent theme into the bp-child-theme

    once there you can edit the code, to remove the built in menu. but you'll need to add the code for the custom menu.

    i have no idea what the repercussions of doing this will be, but you should be able to add a custom menu by reading this.

    you'll find the menu code wrapped in a div with id navigation inside header.php

    but like i said, this theme was built for magazine style so has it's own nav menus designed for that purpose to list categories and such.

    hope this helps.