Customized FB Shares

I have a client that is wanting to be able to have the ability for users to be able to send a customized, pre-populated message to their friends on Facebook. I have a rough idea on how I would do it, but the last time I had a *brilliant* idea and asked for ideas on here, two or three people jumped on and shared a much easier, more efficient way of doing it. So…am I making this too hard or is this a great idea?

My thought would be to create a page that would be a form for the user to fill out. It would have fields for the receiver’s name, which message they would like to send, and a submit button. When they submitted it, it would take them to a page that would use the $_GET to pull down the name and the id of the custom post with the chosen message, then have a big arrow that points to the FB share button. At that point, they can share it with their friend on FB.

Custom posts would be used to create the different possible messages so that the client could easily create / delete them. On the page to customize the message, essentially it would just go through the loop and pull in all the titles, only instead of doing it in a long list, it would do it as either a select or radio buttons. When selected, using javascript it would pull up the content of the message so that they could see what the final message would look like. The name part would also be automatically updated. Then when it’s submitted, it would take you to the second custom page with all of the data in the URL to define which custom message to pull up.

So that’s my thought. Is there an easier way to do it? Or am I headed the right direction?

Thanks in advance for your help!