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My theme is definitely messing up the format of events+. How can I modify the template or make a new one? I read another post where one of your support staff mentioned that a person could copy the template files over to the theme. I copied all of the templates over, but I'm unsure where to place them in the theme. I tried to leave them in the folders, take them out, etc. Under Appearance Settings/Single Event, I still can't get any new templates to show up even after refreshing. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

  • scruffy72
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    Thanks Patrick,

    I'm in the process of looking for the post right now, but in the meantime can you please tell me how I can modify the template(s)? My theme makes the single events look pretty strange. The post I was referring to was really short and it may not have been dealing with my exact situation, so I really just need to know how to make this work with my theme. I'm pretty good at html, so how do I get started customizing the event layout?


  • fordrm
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    I was able to resolve a similar problem by creating two custom templates in the theme directory (starting from a copy of the sample archive template, and then adding additional text & formatting):

    - /home/yoga/public_html/wp-content/themes/Lucid/taxonomy-eab_events_category-training-events.php
    - /home/yoga/public_html/wp-content/themes/Lucid/taxonomy-eab_events_category-retreat-events.php

    With those two in place, I now have the corresponding pages that show all of the training events and retreats, respectively:


    Here's where you can find the default template that you start with:


    Hope this helps!


  • adaldesign
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    I am also trying to customize the appearance of single events.

    I created a mytheme/templates/single-event.php file and pasted all the code from plugins/events-and-bookings/default-templates/default/single-incsub_event.php into my template.

    However I'm encountering an issue: near the bottom of the default single event template there is a the_content() tag to load the content of the event.
    Instead of only loading the written content, it is loading ALL the event information all over again as seen on the screenshot.

    Is there a way I can load ONLY the actual written post content of a single event and thus customize my single event template correctly?

  • dwood7399
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    Hi there - I was having the exact same problem of the duplicate content in the single-event.

    What worked for me was to rename my archive and single events templates to the names of the plugin's default template files: single-incsub_event.php and archive-incsub_event.php.

    When those two files are present in your theme's root folder, the plugin removes the settings option to override the default appearance (see screenshot) and uses those files instead. Like I said in my other post, I think the CSS needs to be merged into your theme's style.css

    I don't quite understand all the php calls in this particular template, but I think doing this prevents the double call of the_content that was occurring. The only thing that's not working now is the breadcrumb nav... always something.

    Hope this helps!

  • dwood7399
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    Awesome - Thanks Adal.

    Initially my breadcrumb was in a div.eab-needtomove from the default template. That class must be display:none.
    <div class="eab-needtomove"><div id="event-bread-crumbs" ><?php Eab_Template::get_breadcrumbs($event); ?></div></div>

    Removing it worked!

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