Customizing appointments list in WP-Admin

We would like to customize the columns output on the appointments list in WP-admin. Our logged in users are making bookings on behalf of others but we can only see the user name in column3 :
in the 2nd column instead of Client--which is the user account making the registration--we want the output from the name field in the appointment record and of course keep the ability to edit the record with the show/hide on mouse over.

We would also like to drop Provider column.

Are either of these possible?


  • PC
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    Hello there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    This is something which would require custom changes in the plugin and a lot of custom programming as well.

    As I am not a developer, I have sought a direction from our lead developer to see if he can suggest a starting point where you can start your development.

    In the meantime, if you want someone to do it for you, you can post a job requirement here :

    Sales &Support

  • mrpatulski
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    Thanks @PC I sorted the subtraction of columns out ok by deleting code at about line 7934 for the provider, and 8020 for the corresponding output.

    Now just need to add columns for NAME and CITY

    there is this code at about line 8022 of appointments.php:

    <td class="column-service">
    echo $this->get_service_name( $app->service );?>

    How would I use this as a template to add columns for the NAME and CITY field output?

    I think this is close but it breaks--any ideas?

    <td class="column-name">
    echo $this->get_user_meta( $app->app_name );?>

    BTW I am hacking the plugin directly which I don't care for but there does not seem to be a way to filter?


  • PC
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    Hey MRP,

    Thanks for posting back and glad you figured out the first part.

    I am still waiting for our lead developer @Vladislav to give us a direction here.

    I have sent him another note and he should be here sooner than later.

    Sales &Support

  • Vladislav
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    Unfortunately, for now there doesn't seem to be a better way of doing this as there's no hooks we can use to alter the admin-side list format. This is, of course, not really optimal, as ideally both of us would want to have your changes separately, so you don't lose them on plugin update. We'll see to remedy this situation in future releases.

    As for the name and city field outputs, if you inspect the appointments table (by default named wp_appointments), you'll see that you have the name and city fields available in plain text. So, in your output, you could do something like: echo $app->name; or echo $app->city;

    As a "name" field alternative for your registered users, you could use their user ID (stored as $app->user) to get their WordPress display name, or any other bit of meta associated with them. That will only work for your clients that are registered on your site, though - unregistered visitors (obviously) won't have a WordPress user ID associated with their appointment.

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