Customizing Appointments+ with a Custom Entry Point

Simple question, potentially complex answer. May need the dev to be tagged, may not. We'll see.

I'm building a custom template for a high end men's couture store in San Francisco. The landing/home page in progress can be viewed here:

Ignore the badly kearned Scriptina font below the fold... that part of the site isn't converted from my production boilerplate yet.

Do, however, note the "Appointments" tab at the left and do click it. Please note the way pretty select boxes fly out. I realize I haven't added a submit button yet.

My goal here, once this is converted into WordPress is to allow the selection form to open up Appointments+. I'm going to push the URL parameters to a modal using Ajax so that the only time we get a full page refresh is to finally book the appointment.

The question here is whether or not I'm going to run into any nasty known issues by doing this. From where I'm standing, I don't think it's going to be a problem but perhaps the staff has seen something that will trip me up? I'd like to know about it before I get there.

Please advise.