Customizing BP Social Theme

Ok so I read...

In ref to The BP Social Theme...

My aim is not only to be able to work on this on my local hard drive (Windoze PC) but if possible also preview it there prior to making the changes. I want to customize the html/css, images, etc. layout, colors etc. as much as possible.

I do understand creating the file structure etc. in the child's folder so no problem there or no doubt I will post back.

"See Next:" There is no next!

So without any further confusion help will be appreciated.


  • drdave

    I think us newbies are always confusing so I apologize for lack of clarity.

    BP-Social Child Theme is already installed and activated on my host along with BP-Social parent theme which is not activated per the instructions.

    My aim is to heavily modify the BP-Social Theme to my own design and layout but will prefer to do this on my local hd instead of on the server then later of course upload my changes. (correct Tammie)

    If it's not possible to do any of this on my local hd then I will still like to do this on the server but at this point I am not sure which files I need to copy to the child's theme in order to get this going.

    The next: thing was in reference to me coming to the end of the instructions and not finding the answer to the above problem.

    Thanks for further help guys

  • drdave

    Just adding extra note. I wanted to be able to preview my changes on the local hard drive as well. Understand that I am not sure which file types are for the BP-Social Theme Main page(s) main layout so I was wondering if maybe I needed an app like Wamp setup on my local hd in order to preview them or if somene could recommend something.

    But I am in a hurry with this project so I will go ahead and work on the server instead.

    Per your instructions found here...

    "Any files that are uploaded to the child theme automatically override those in the parent theme as the child theme loads before the parent.

    This technique can be used for any files and folders within the parent theme — but you must re-create the same folder and filenames structure in your child theme that exist in the parent theme folder."

    Well I ran an experiment.
    1. I copied some files from bp-social-child/_inc/css/
    files copied were base.css and reset.css and made some changes to them, created the directory structure _inc/css/ in bp-social-child and copied them there.

    I also copied an image from the source _inc/images made some changes and did the same thing. copied them to bp-social-child/_inc/images.

    I did not see any of my changes on the live site.

    So again, I really need to know which files I can edit in this theme as I am not sure which ones to use. Again I am basically trying to change the main design and layout to my own.

    And yes I do understand that in my dashboard under appearance/themes option that I am able to upload my own images to replace the intro header and upload a logo image but that is not all I want to change.


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