Customizing Buddypress Activity Feed or placing in a custom page

Hey. Okay. I've got the Buddypress Activity Feed going and it's awesome. Now, i'm at the stage where i'm wanting to understand how to design the activity feed to suit my liking. To have particular sidebars, etc.

This is my feed:

Which is great. However, there are a number of things i'd like to add to it.

I understand that Buddypress generates a page called 'Activity' which automatically does this. I'm wanting to add things that are network-specific to this. Widgets, sidebars, etc. Obviously Facebook; with an Activity feed and multiple areas with other information, is a perfect example.

Is this something that I can do on a custom Page? As in, have the Buddypress Feed go onto a page of my making that I can customize with sidebars?

Or does this require code-level manipulation of BuddyPress?

The simple desire is to have my own custom Activity feed.

Thanks :slight_smile: