Customizing Google Search Result Page

I have the same problem with Jay as he posted at the thread,

In my case, I need to display “Results only” and the google gave me the code for it.

But the code does not work, nor the the changes I made at are reflected.

Aslo If I click the widget option, the layout gets really messy as my site has two widget columns.

If I turn the widget option off, I get the search result area of 600px and empty white space of another 600px next to it.

I need to incorporate both widgets or find a way to make the search field to be 1200px.

Custom google search offers search functions by relevance and date.

But the feature is disabled with the plugin. So I wonder whether there a way to revive the the relevance and date options.

Lastly, could you elaborate more on that “You could copy the contents code from the results page into your own theme and simply apply styling as necessary.”

I found that I can customize the styling from previous threads, but I am quite sure what that means.