Customizing Marketpress Mini-Cart color and stylizing button

@dmalloneeGreetings WPMUDev!

I was wondering... how could I change the background color of the mini cart for marketpress?
Currently, it's a dark gray color and i'd like to change that to be #000130 if possible. Also, is it possible to make the product name/link there the same color?

Then there is the "View Cart" button within the mini-cart menu/slide out itself. Is there a way to change that? If so, to look like the button in screenshot 2?

The configurations for the button in the screenshot are as follows:

- Border 2px solid
- Rounded Corners 30px
- White background
- #000130 color text
- Roboto Font

Upon hover:
- #000130 background color
- White text

Thank you all!
Much Love
Ciro Bey