Customizing Marketpress mk_product page

I've been able to customize the mk_productlist page to the desired look I want and I had gotten the mk_product page to look as I wanted it too, but the mk_product_image short code is not working with 'list' it is only showing the main image and none of the other images.

<?php mp_product_title( $product_id, $echo = true, $link = false, $formated = true, $html_tag = 'h2', $css_class = 'mp_product_name-single', $microdata = 'itemprop="name"' ); ?>
<div class="product_box">
<div class="product_image-single"><?php mp_product_image( $echo = true, $context = 'list', $post_id = null, $size = 300, $align = null );?></div>
<div class="product_description"><?php
mp_product_description( $product_id, $echo = true, $content = 'true', $html_tag = true, $css_class = 'mp_product_content', $microdata = 'itemprop="description"'); ?></div>
<div style="clear: both;"></div>
<div class="product_box2">
<div class="product_image2"></div>
<div class="product_description2"></div>
<div class="product_box">
<div class="product-box3">
<div class="product_single_price"><?php mp_product_price(true); ?></div>
<?php mp_buy_button(true, 'single'); ?>
<?php echo mp_category_list($post->ID, '<div class="mp_product_categories">' . __( 'Categorized in ', 'mp' ), ', ', '</div>');

I don't have the page resolving to my customized code at this moment as I need all the photos for each product showing, but can change over if needed.