Customizing Membership Pages

This might need to be broken up into several posts, but I'm going to try doing it all at once to see what happens.

My site's URL is I apologize for the mess: it's still being developed!

I am trying to customize the membership process (using your Membership plugin) as well as solve a few bugs. Does anyone know a good place to get start and/or have any suggestions for any of the following?

Access Levels



Designer (basically for site admins)

Subscription Plans

Basic Membership: free

Social Membership: $40 / year


– When a basic member first signs up for an account, they are taken to a page that prompts them to sign up for the paid membership (without first bringing them to the Welcome Page). I think that this is confusing – is there a way to just bring them to the welcome page?

[First Screenshot]

– Immediately after signing up for a basic membership, if I navigate to the ‘My Membership’ page (Subscriptions page), it has a box that says ‘Move to : Social Membership’ but it doesn’t actually have a button to upgrade. In the Extra Options section I set the Membership Upgrades period limit to 0 days – so shouldn’t this be available immediately?

– After a basic member is created, it is listed in the All Members section as having gone through the ‘admin’ gateway. I would have thought that it would have gone through the ‘Free Subscriptions Gateway’ – what’s up with that?

– When I try to register a user with a paid membership (using paypal sandbox), the user gets a basic membership and a social membership (see below)

[Second Screenshot]

– This makes it so that the My Membership page (Subscription page) is very confusing. Is there a way to create a custom page like this? I just want it to say something like “Current Membership: Social Membership, Expiration: January 14th, 2014” and have buttons for cancelling, upgrading, etc. Here is what it currently looks like for this paid member:

[Third Screenshot]

– I want to add some fields to the Account page – is there a way of easily adding it to yours or should I create one from scratch?

– I would like to use your popup user registration form, but I wanted to do it from a different part of my site (using one of my own buttons) – how would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

– William