Customizing Posts on Facebook from Ultimate Facebook

I'm moving a site from FAcebook's official plugin to Ultimate Plugin and the way that the post is displayed is a bit different, and I like it the Facebook official way.

Facebook Offical Plugin, posts this to our Facebook page: (see screenshot)
[] <-small grey text

Ultimate Facebook publishes
[Blog Tagline] <-same for every post and not too helpful
[Description] <-small grey text

The description/excerpt is the good stuff. IS there any way to swap those two fields?

  • sgatz

    Hi, I think that you didn't get my point, that's not an open graph setting. When UF posts, It's pulling in my blog tagline which isn't in any open graph tag. If I post something from the site manually, it gets it right, but when UF auto-posts is when I see the problem. Now I just dived into the code, and it looks like here's the problem, under description it uses the "blog_description". It seems hardcoded so the problem can't be worked around without editing code. Can I submit a feature request?

    case "feed":
    $use_shortlink = $this->data->get_option( 'wdfb_autopost', "type_{$post_type}_use_shortlink" );
    $permalink = $use_shortlink ? wp_get_shortlink( $post_id ) : get_permalink( $post_id );
    $permalink = $permalink ? $permalink : get_permalink( $post_id );
    $picture = wdfb_get_og_image( $post_id );
    $send = array(
    'caption' => substr( $post_content, 0, 999 ),
    'message' => $post_title,
    'link' => $permalink,
    'name' => $post->post_title,
    'description' => get_option( 'blogdescription' ),
    'actions' => array(
    'name' => __( 'Share', 'wdfb' ),
    'link' => '' . rawurlencode( $permalink ),
    if ( $picture ) {
    $send['picture'] = $picture;

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