Customizing ProSites Check Out and Pricing

Can we customize the checkout for prosites and site creation features, currently the checkout page looks unprofessional and we want to add a features list. On edublogs, there was much more back end work done, we would like to know how we can do the back end work and if we are allowed to edit the plugins.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, James!

    You're absolutely allowed to customize our plugins. : ) We like to advise people to be careful, and to keep both backups of original plugins as well as detailed changelogs, so that when the plugin updates, it's as easy as possible to add those changes back in. This only applies if your changing the template files themselves, a lot of styling changes can be done with CSS.

    One thing to keep in mind, ProSites will pull some elements from your theme, so there's a chance a different theme might give you a better looking/more professional checkout page.

    We're more than happy to help you add some new CSS styles to that page, but we'll need both a link to the page itself, and a detailed list of what changes you want made to which elements. You'll need to install (or see if you already have) a custom CSS plugin to add these new styles, so they'll be safe from updates.

    To add new styles to admin areas requires a separate custom CSS tool, one designed for the backend. Our Ultimate Branding comes with this tool, and you can get a standalone tool on the WordPress plugin repository.

    Hope this helps, James!

  • aristath

    Hello again @James, I hope you're well today!

    As I said on my other post, the custom branding tool is not working for us... this is what we see under CSS

    On your other post about the branding plugin issue I asked you if you could grant us access to your dashboard so that we may figure out what's wrong.
    Could you please do that?
    If not, then you could simply use this plugin if all you want to do is add custom CSS to your theme:

    Also can we communicate over skype as the back and forth really delays the progress.

    I'm afraid that no, this is not possible.
    We all use Skype for our personal lives, and these forums for our work. We have to distinguish these 2. I hope you understand. :slight_smile:


  • Mark

    I'm actually looking to do the same thing James was last year. I was wondering if there was any resolution to this issue. I too would like to so some heavy customizing of the signup process UI for Pro Sites but I'm struggling to find where to start with this. I can do all the CSS changes just fine, but I need some advice on where to actually doing some HTML/PHP structure changes so that we can have a better looking signup page similar to Edublogs.

    Also, kind of in line with that question, is there any way to tie in the "No thanks, ill just keep the free version" link to one of the pricing table options. We want the pricing table to have 3 options; Free, Basic and Premium. The Free option should just open the "No thanks" signup form without passing through the paypal (or any payment) gateway. Is this possible?

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