Customizing Sidebars in Course Pages

How can I customize sidebars for only course pages?

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello @Sean,

    Hope you are doing well. :slight_smile:

    Can you tell me on which pages you want to setup sidebars ? On every single course page or course listing page ?

    Furthermore if you want to setup sidebar for particular post type as in this case its "course". You can setup particular sidebar for custom post type via Appearance > Widgets > Your Custom Sidebar > Sidebar Location > Custom Post Type

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Milan Savaliya.

  • Sean
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    Hi Milan,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I want to set up sidebars on every single course page. Most course pages would have the same course-style sidebar.

    I added a Custom Sidebar, clicked on Sidebar Location, but did not see any posts related to courses...

    So I'm still not sure what to do...


  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello @Sean,

    Wish you a great day ahead and I am really sorry for being late here. I hope you won't mind. :slight_smile:

    Lets go bit by bit on this one now.

    In addition to needing sidebar customization support, can I remove the footer, comments and main menu, too?

    As I can see you are using third part theme. Dear member I want to inform you that we do not cover third party product support as we are not fully aware about it.

    But for you I gave a try and below are my thoughts on this issue.

    Remove Footer
    This can be answered well by theme developer. It may be possible that they are providing different footer widgets to customize look and feel of site. But even if you want to make your hand working on code, please navigate to /wp-content/themes/YourCurrentTheme/footer.php and see what you can do there. It may possible that theme is not rendering its footer content from that file but most of theme do. So I suggest you study that file and see what you can do with that. Removing footer means commenting out codes from footer.php file which is not advisable as your changes wont' be preserved when your theme gets updated. So best solution is that you contact theme developer about this.

    Removing Comments

    What I understand is that you do not want to display comments on page right ? if yes then Before I step into answer part I would like to tell you how commenting system works in wordpress. Comments are integral part of wordpress but if you've closed comments( don't worry I'll tell you how ) for post or page it won't let you comment on that particular post or page.

    So to be sure, edit post or page on which you are getting message "Comments are closed" then click on link saying you "Screen options" You'll find that link on top-right corner of editing window. It will open little popup where you'll see option of "discussion", if its not selected please select it, once you select it it will render small window for commenting options at the end of editing page as shown in attached screenshot. Make sure you've selected "Allow Comments" for particular post or page.

    And if want to remove comments ( here I am assuming you want to delete comments ) , you can do so via Comments > Hover over comment which you want to delete > Click on link saying "Trash"

    Remove Menu
    This is something which can only be answered well by theme developer so I strongly suggest you before attempting my solution on this one contact theme once. :slight_smile:

    Dear member Menus are defined and rendered according to theme stcture. Most of theme defines one or more menu area in their "function.php" file and render them inside header.php file. You can find both files under theme root folder. So now if we want to remove menu we can just comment out code which is rendering menu form header.php file. And if we want to customize menu then we need to find out which options theme is providing for menu customization. For possible menu customization options you can look into theme options.

    But I strongly suggesst you ask theme developer about these issues first. Who know they may have better solution for these tiny issue. :slight_smile:

    I want to set up sidebars on every single course page. Most course pages would have the same course-style sidebar.

    Unfortunately this is not possible as out of box features as most of pages are virtual( those pages which can't edited directly from wordpress backend ). Custom Sidebar Pro only works with pages which can be edited from wordpress backend. So this requires process of editing core files of plugin which is not advisable as changes we made will be lost during plugin update. So better solution is that you hire developer or issue job request on our Job Portal. for this.

    I hope this helps you.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

    Milan Savaliya.

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