Customizing the components & display of a listing

I’ve got the Directory plugin installed, mostly configured and it’s working. The admin of it is good, the setting up of it is good, but I feel that the final output display of any given listing is sub-average, at best. Like others, I’d like to control the usage and display of such items. For instance, the following items are displayed in order down the page that I’d like to have control over:

– A featured image is shown by itself above all of the meta, directly underneath the H1 Title. Would love to have control over where it goes, for instance, floated right along with the body content.

– I don’t want any meta (“Posted on MMM, DD, YYY by Admin”:wink:

– I want to disable the “Ratings” system.

– I don’t want any reviews (Comments) or anything related to it. Even if I disable comments on the page which removes the comment form, the a URL “No Reviews >>” that clicks to nowhere. And worse, it’s in the middle of the content.

– I want to put the Category entry at the bottom, or at the top, NOT in the middle of the content.

– I don’t want “contact user” to be anywhere (though I plan to integrated a better gravity form solution)

– Finally, the listing content is shown at the bottom of all the stuff I want disabled.

Also, regardless of what settings I select (Table, UL or DIV) the custom fields always show up in a table. This seems more of a bug and possibly should be posted in a new thread.

Since there are no admin controls over many/most of these, I understand we may need to hack some PHP and maybe CSS. What file(s) do we need to look into to do this?