Customizing the Intro page of the bp-Social theme

Clicking on the 'Customize' menu brings up a number of Options for customization, one of which is the Intro settings. This is referring to a page which I'm assuming is established by the CSS stylesheet, as it doesn't appear on my Dashboard>Pages>All.

I've got a marked up jpeg of this page that I can upload if it will help you understand what items I'm concerned with.

1. Right in the upper middle of the page is a photo of a kid with a box on his head. How can I either make this go away or replace it with a photo of my own?

2. Aiming a browser at my domain name,, produces my static home page with this Intro page inserted at the top of what I designed. Clicking on 'Sign Up Here' takes you to a Register page which I created. Again, the Intro page is inserted onto the top of my page. In both of these cases there is a menu over the photo who contains all of my pages, but in a different order than the menu I established.

2a) How can I fix this menu?
2b) The Intro Setting instructions say that the "welcome message only showed to non member or non logged in user". While it does not explicitly say so, this implies that non members or non logged in members will only be able to see this welcome message, whether on my static home page or on the Register page. However, clicking on the menu items displayed works correctly (i.e. takes you to the called for page) on three of my six menu items. But the other three produce no result, leaving you looking at the Register page, which is the result I expected.

3) Both the static home page and the register page display a sidebar with widgets that I established for other pages. Is there any way to replace this sidebar with a custom sidebar?

Thanks, as a always for your help.

Mike S.