Customizing the Listing Signup page

Please i need to customize the listing signup page...i've tried and i don't know how. Help please.
Also, the feel and look of the Listing Category page is different from the way my site displays blog can i make it look and feel lick mine?
Furthermore, it says 'review off' how can i turn it on?
Thank you

  • Alexander

    Hi @tbos,

    The plugin itself doesn't have a built in way to modify that page. You can modify it by overriding the plugins templates in your theme. You can find them under ui-front/general in the plugin folder.

    You could also just use CSS to change how things look. This would be easier than modifying the actual templates. Do you just need minor changes? If so I might be able to help. If you give me a link to your directory page, I could take a look.

    Reviews are powered by WordPress comments, so if you have comments disabled on your listings, users won't be able to post reviews.

    Best regards,

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