Customizing the login form in the MU theme

I'd like to add a login form form similar to the one seen on this site to an wpmu+BP site I'm building using the mu theme. The form would display the following in the upper right hand corner:
1. Username - Password - Remember Me - Login / Register.
2. I'm using the wp-fp connect plugin and would like to add that button to the bottom as an option.
3. Once logged in the form displays the users avatar, dashboard, and any other links.

After looking through the files I realize that I have no idea on where to begin. Would I be replacing the existing login form with the wp-fb-connect widget-form-code? Not sure if this request would be considered a hack so apologies in advance if in the wrong forum.

Any responses appreciated.

  • Mason


    My recommendation would be to check out the BP Community Theme. It has a login bar like what you're looking for. By following the pattern there, you should be able to merge that into the MU theme. Specifically, start looking around line 213 of the header.php from the Community theme ;D

    That'll put a login form on the home page (or any page that calls to header.php). I don't have any experience with customizing the wp-fb-connect widget, so I can't give ya too many pointers there. Maybe someone else can chime in with that part. Good luck!

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