Customizing the Taxonomy Page

I am new to CustomPress where this is my first time using it. I am currently building a test development version here:

I am creating a database for store locations.

Custom Post type is locations.

Taxonomy is city, with the following: Phoenix, Tucson, Bullhead City, Portland.

Each location will be within one of these cities.

I am using the single-locations.php template that CP created for me to edit the individual location page. How would I edit the taxonomy page to display only a list of those posts assigned to that taxonomy? Ex:

When clicking on “Phoenix” from the page above, it would take you to this page:

This is the basic archive template that comes with this theme. Is there a way I can create a duplicate of this and call only “Phoenix” posts so I can customize it more? I’d like to include a custom Google Map etc. I’d like to do this for all of the other cities. I am redeveloping this site using custom posts rather than raw HTML, and would like a location structure like this:

I hope all of this make sense? Let me know if I should clarify anything.