Customizing the Wiki

My client wants me to make some customizations to the Wiki plugin, that I'm not sure how to do. Please see below.

1.) They would like to change the name of the "Edit" tab to "Add an idea", on their public Wiki.

2.) They want to add a new title to the Archives page, right now it says "Viewing archives for", can I do this and can I style it with an <h1> tag?

3.) In the WYSIWYG editor, the HTML code still displays, the general public is getting confused and they don't know how to edit it the copy with the HTML tags in there. Is there a setting that will not show the HTML tags in the visual tab and only have them display on the HTML tab?

4. ) When viewing the history tag it also appears to be showing the HTML tags for each post, can it be set to view the Visual side, without the tags?