customizing thumbnail file name

The feed that I'm grabbing pulls in filename-160x160.jpg for all of their thumbnail media attachments. Since the thumbnail is far from an ideal size for one of my full post headers, I was hoping to find a way to use filename.jpg, which is the original source image.

Is there any way to modify the filename so I pull out the "-160x160" from the jpg and let wordpress create its own set of thumbnails from filename.jpg, once it's imported into my site?

  • Rupok

    Hi shannon, how are you doing today?

    I'm afraid, this won't be possible out of the box. If you didn't import the media attachment, and was showing images from the original site, then you could use jQuery to trim "-160x160" part from the image URLs, but as your are importing those, I don't think we have any native option in Autoblog for this. Doing this will require huge amount of advanced customization and I'm afraid, that's beyond our support scope.

    However, you can hire a developer from our Jobs Section for doing this. Please keep in mind, developers found in our Jobs Section are not associated with us. So communicate with them well before you make any payments to them.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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