Hey there folks, here's a quick question :stuck_out_tongue: with hopefully a quick answer :stuck_out_tongue: even better would be a yeah thats easy to do... lol... (yeah i know dream on)

Anyway enough of my sleep deprived ramblings and back to my question.

A few of the plugins here have their own version of custom press involved with the warning dont use custom press use the one supplied with the plugin.

Ok goodie understand that bit, but what if I want to create my own custom post types looking at the versions with the plugins i cant see an option to create my own.

Maybe i am just not seeing for looking too closely. Maybe i am half asleep, but can some kind enlightened person help me in my half awake haze.

Cheers :slight_smile:

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings tom.eagles,

    Hey there I have no idea what you got going on there.

    With the Directory Plugin when I go to Custom Press I have no problem adding a custom post type.

    Screen shots below of Add Post Type and when i press the button it allows me to add as you can clearly see.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    Maybe we should form the WPMUDEV's anonymous club

    "Hello my name's tom and i have some strange sleeping habbits"

    I don't think it will cause a problem with two different plugins, as all they do is create the post type needed for them. Unless of course they were called the same name.

  • Mark Wallace
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    Hello My name is Mark, and i am a WPMU Dev addict.

    Sometimes, i do not shut off my computer, until i have a large beard and Body order from not showering for weeks.

    I have deprived my family of food so could pay for more WPMU dev accounts.

    I have denied my women children because it would interfere with my forum time.

    My fingers were sore, but that did not stop me, Now my fingers are numb, and i can not tell when i am holding my mouse, but it still moves so that is OK.

    My eyes are dry, and sometimes stick shut, so will be removing my eyelids soon.

    My dog is depressed because i will not toss her favorite toy for her to fetch.

    She will be fine, used a chainsaw to make a doggy door to go outside and chase the rabbits.

    I am sorry but i have to back to the forums now.

    Hi My name is Mark and I am a WPMU Dev Addict!

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