I have a MultiSite with two sites. I want to use CustomPress in single site mode. ie install plug-in on one site and create some custom post types for that site only. However I seem to be stuck in the state that if I activate it on one site all I get is the 'Settings' and 'Export/Import' options. I've played around with activating it on network - which lets me add the custom type when in Network Admin, but I still then can't create a post on my subsite (even though the network-admin-create-custom type is listed in the settings).

If deleted the plugin and reinstalled, but the issue still appears. I notice the settings still lists my custom type, so presumably that doesn't get rid of it from database.

Any ideas what to do? I did have this working on a single site before I made it multisite, so I know I should eventually get the custom post type as an option on left menu when it's all working.


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    Greetings andy_paterson,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your installation.

    In the Network Admin>CustomPress>Settings Menu you will need to enable subsite contents.

    There will be two checkboxes there: first enables the Content Type menu on subsites in the CustomPress section.

    The second allows subsites to use any Network level defined custom types. When network activate you can define custom types at the Network level and these will appear on all subsites.

    If enabled you can also define custom types at the subsite level and they will be restricted to just that subsite.

    Please advise in any event if this indeed helps or I am/was on the wrong track.

    Cheers, Joe

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