I have a MultiSite with two sites. I want to use CustomPress in single site mode. ie install plug-in on one site and create some custom post types for that site only. However I seem to be stuck in the state that if I activate it on one site all I get is the 'Settings' and 'Export/Import' options. I've played around with activating it on network - which lets me add the custom type when in Network Admin, but I still then can't create a post on my subsite (even though the network-admin-create-custom type is listed in the settings).

If deleted the plugin and reinstalled, but the issue still appears. I notice the settings still lists my custom type, so presumably that doesn't get rid of it from database.

Any ideas what to do? I did have this working on a single site before I made it multisite, so I know I should eventually get the custom post type as an option on left menu when it's all working.