Custompress 404 after wp upgrade

we have a big problem with custompress generating pages that 404 on the single custom post type pages. client has an ecommerce solution setup with this and has not been able to take orders for some time now due to the fact that these pages are 404. id like to get this resolved quickly if at all possible. I have done the research to try and troubleshoot this and got my IT dept involved, however we are not able to get the pages to show.

here is what i have tried:
- change the settings in custompress to archive
- reset the permalinks
- change permalinks to default (pages will work then)
- turn rewrite setting both on and off in custompress (no luck with either)
- check all 3 boxes under rewrite settings
-check the web.config (we use IIS) nothing irregular
-have my IT dept look at any rewrite rules that may be on the site, there are none
- add a custom script in functions to rewrite pretty URLS when permalinks set to default, no luck
- update all of the plugins and themes to current ver
- disable non essential plugins

site has SSL because the ecommerce portion is done through gravity forms with the paypalpro addon. so its not anything major as far as ecommerce, but i thought i would include this information because SSL is forced on those custompress pages. this site was working 100% no problem before wordpress was updated.

we were able to restore the site to a previous version before we upgraded with wordpress. this fixed the problem, however, when we go to the wp-admin, the site prompts to update the database and then everything breaks when the database is updated.

ive really exhausted all of my resources to troubleshoot this, and i hope someone has some information to get this going because our client is losing money by the day and is very frustrated (and rightfully so.)

thanks in advance to all who can lend some suggestions.