CustomPress Access the Custom Fields while in a custom loop


I've got a loop in a loop, using hierarchical custom post to display information using 2 query_post calls.

When I use the do_shortcode(...) to access the information for price and duration i've set up it brings back only the values from the first post and displays this on all posts in the loop.

Sudo code:

$level0posts = query_post(...)
foreach(level0post) {
  //display information

  $level1posts = query_post(...)

  if($level1posts has posts)

    foreach(level1post) {
      //display second tier info
      do_shortcode( // show custom properties for level 1 posts)

  } else {
     do_shortcode( // show custom properties for level0 post)


I want to be able to use a php call or some something like

<?php echo do_shortcode('[ct id="_ct_text_580a46c09ea54" property="value" post_id="105"]'); ?>

Is that possible, using the code above or a straight php call. Surely I can access the DB directly?