CustomPress and Advanced Custom Fields

Hello there!

I was taking a look through the CustomPress plugin, and it is great! The ability to quickly add custom post types and taxonomies is very helpful.

My question is regarding your custom fields section. There are times when having access to some very functional custom fields is helpful ... the ACF plugin has 19+ custom field types, including things like Galleries/images, color pickers, google maps, true/false, repeating table cells, relationships, text areas, etc.

Is it possible to use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin in conjunction with CustomPress to fill in the gaps? I love the CustomPress plugin, and for most cases it is all I would need, but for the times when that extra something is required in a project, it would be great to have these two plugins working together.

Do you have any experience with ACF? Is there a chance that the CustomPress custom fields functionality would not play nice with the ACF functionality?

I look forward to your reply!