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Hi all

I am still new to wpmu dev and trying to figure all this out.

I'm developing a business / restaurant directory for our city where business owners will be able to login and add their own data a la google places.

Is Directory all I need for this or will custompress also help? I was thinking custompress will allow me to create post types for different business types as well as for softball leagues.... But when I installed both of these on my test site I seemed to have trouble.

First I couldn't get the directory to just show up on the home page. Answers in the forum pointed me to custompress which I then installed. That seemed to duplicate everything that directory had just added.

So... do these not play well together? Do i need custompress?


  • DavidM
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    Hi Lori,

    I really don't think you'd need CustomPress in this circumstance, as you can simply use the integrated version in Directory. It'll let you do pretty much anything CustomPress would let you do.

    Also, you can use the general CustomPress instructions regarding setting up and utilizing any new custom post types you create.

    Please let me know if you have any questions on this. :slight_smile:


  • lorilr
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    Thanks. The instructions mentioned a "preconfigured post type will be imported for you". I didn't get anything imported. I checked the box but I didn't get anything. I un-installed both custompress and directory and re-installed directory but still didn't get a post type.

    The instructions also say "4. When you go to your site (or main site on a WordPress multiste) you'll see the imported custom taxonomies listed on the homepage. " I don't see anything. In fact, I don't see how these listings get created at all.

    The imported taxonomies have post type "directory_listing". As this is referenced in the instructions, I created it. Now... I see the taxonomies under "Listings" in the admin menu.

    I created a Dentist category, created a post for that category and published it. Now.. where is it? How do I display the directory?

    The instructions also say "If you go to Listings > Add New you'll see it has the same administration interface as what you get with blog posts and pages except it has been customised to include features ideal for listing business details". Hmmm no it doesn't. All I see different from a regular blog post is the category structure on the right side of the page. Perhaps this is something to do with my directory_listing post type.

    I seem to have missed something very basic.


  • Philip John
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    Hiya Lori,

    Sorry for the late reply here.

    I think the problem that you're having is that you're using CustomPress when you really don't need it.

    I'd recommend you simply uninstall CustomPress and proceed with Directory alone. The default theme bundled with Directory provides a great view for your listings or there are instructions in the plugin for customising your own theme.


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