Custompress and New Blog Templates

Hey Guys,

I have a multisite setup using Custompress to create 3 custom post types, 1 custom taxonomy and a handful of custom fields. I have also added some posts under each post type and created some terms in the taxonomy.

The issue I am having occurs when using New Blog Templates and it is related to the custom taxonomy, which is called "Channels". I can create a new site and choose the NBT from the dropdown. The new site is created and looks identical on the backend. All settings, custom setups and content are present. But the wp_list_categories() function in the theme comes back empty.

For the initial site, I have wp_list_categories() displaying a linked list of all terms defined in the "Channel" taxonomy, plus I link to it from each post.

In the created site, when I click on an individual post, it does display what "Channel" that post is in, but the link to the archive for each "Channel" comes back 404. It seems there is somewhere that wp_list_categories() looks to find this listing and that is not being copied by NBT.


  • DavidM

    Hi Keith,

    When you click to edit any of the existing templates in the New Blog Template settings page, you should also see a list of global database tables that plugins may be using.

    Could you check that list to see if there are any CustomPress related tables there?

    You might be able to tick those to get this working as such.

    It could be a bit tricky though because CustomPress works differently when network activated than when activated on a per-site basis. If you're using it on a per-site basis that should work though.


  • PursuitKeith

    I started over and set up NBT on a per-site basis. I can see all of the options added into the database tables. But when I create a new blog off of the template, it does not recognize the custom taxonomy terms.

    The posts are carried over and they have their corresponding taxonomy term stored.

    The problem lies with wp_list_categories function coming up empty. The custom taxonomy archive page displays a 404 as well.

    Attached below are a screen shot of each the original blog and the generated blog.
    Help would be greatly appreciated as I am past deadline and am greatly relying on this plugin.

  • PursuitKeith

    I wanted to post my resolution to this issue in case others come across the same problem.

    What was causing the custom taxonomies to not display in wp_list_categories was a plugin called Custom Taxonomy Order. It created a new field by which to sort the resulting list. This new field was not recognized by wp_list_categories in newly created blogs, and therefore came back empty.

    I am currently building a new way by which to drag-and-drop sort the order that will work with NBT.

    Meanwhile, CustomPress and New Blog Templates are working together fantastically with a per-site activation.

    Thanks again for the great plugins.

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