CustomPress change author on custom post type

I do not know if the issue I am having is a CustomPress issue or a wordpress issue.

I have one custom post type "ex. Widget" created with CustomPress. I created a number of "Widget" posts as admin.

I wanted to changed the author of a Widget so I created a new user and set the user as an Author. I then changed the author for 1 of the "Widget" posts to the new Author.

The problem is that the new author cannot edit the "Widget" post assigned to him. I can go to the "Widget" listing and see the one post assigned to the author. It shows the Author user as the author, but the only option available for the post is View. The Title is just black text instead of being a link and there is no edit link under the post title.

Any idea? I have tried the exact same steps with a regular post and it functions as expected.