CustomPress conflict - Can't use Publish/Update buttons

Oh no! My favorite plugin is acting up and causing an issue on one of my sites.

When CustomPress is enabled, the Publish/Update buttons do not work when editing posts or pages.

I verified that it is only the CustomPress by deactivating all plugins one-by-one until the functionality returned. Then, I deactivated all plugins EXCEPT CustomPress and I was still unable to Publish/Update content.

It's not a conflict with another plugin - it's something within CustomPress/WP Core causing the issue.

Sadly this is really bad timing for me, because the site in question is a National Magazine with the official launch scheduled for Friday.

Any advice on how to resolve the issue ASAP, even if it requires rolling back to earlier versions, would be much appreciated.

I have granted Support Access to the site.

Thanks for any help you can provide! :smiley: