CustomPress Custom Field ID

I would like to be able to edit the field ID for the Custom Fields. I think it would be helpful to allow users to not only use the Custom Post Types but also to use the Custom Fields within posts.

Just a thought!

  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    I was thinking it is possible to use the really long field ID that is generated through this plugin in the custom fields for posts also (_ca384fhcnc048 or whatever it is).

    Let’s say I create a custom post that includes a business name and number. Or I have guest authors that have standard info. If I create the custom field through this plugin (will use ‘phone’:wink: as the example. It gives me a LONG ugly field ID. If I could use the field ID ‘phone’ across the site, then I could use it more universally. Then I could suggest to my users that if the ‘phone’ option is not available, you could simply enter it in as a custom field site wide.

    It is probably just a request to make things easier for me. But also, instead of having to copy and paste the long field ID, it could be coded through memory.

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